" For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel." Ezra 7:10

Community Services Education

TRM offers a broad range of training programs for our guests.  They range in length from weekly ongoing to 2 years and are focused on a broad range of topics from character development to biblical leadership development.  Below is a summary of each program. 

Servants in Training

The Servants in Training Program (SIT) is a one year discipleship program. The program includes three primary components: Work Detail, Spiritual Development, and Monthly Goals.  Students are expected to: attend a daily bible study, attend church service weekly and complete a 20-40 hour work detail each week.  After completing a 2 week trial candidates will meet with the SIT Coordinator to discuss placement in the program.    Read More.....


The concept of the Servants in Training (SIT) program began in 1986 through a program called the “New Life Program.” Over the years it has been redesigned to meet the unfolding needs of the homeless, as our understanding grew regarding how to help empower and transform people’s lives. It transitioned from short-term to a one-year commitment in 2005 with the emphasis on the commands of Christ to go into the community (earth) and serve. In 2015 the curriculum changed from the Commands of Christ to the Capstone Curriculum of The Urban Ministry Institute, and a two-year option was added through the Center for Biblical Leadership Development.

Candidates for the SIT program must agree to the following:

  • Work Detail – Participants work 20-40 hours weekly at a job assignment at TRM, obtaining job skills training while contributing to the needs of others at the mission.
  • Spiritual Training – Daily Bible Study is a requirement for participants, as well as weekly attendance at the church of their choice, elective Bible studies offered by SIT, and relapse prevention classes and groups as needed.
  • Monthly Goals – Each month participants work on goals such as time management, money management, personal assessments in areas such as detail performance and spiritual gifts, and other goals designed to help them in their physical, mental, and spiritual development.

Services Provided:

Shelter: A total of 35 beds are available for single men and women enrolled in the SIT program. Married couples may be admitted to the program if both spouses are willing to make the one-year commitment required. Subject to space availability, married couples may be housed in the SIT area.

Other Support:  Participants in SIT receive three meals per day, hygiene supplies, free clothing, and a personal needs allowance to purchase items not provided by TRM. They are also eligible for household assistance upon meeting goals and obtaining their own housing.

Center for Biblical Leadership Development (CBLD)

The Center for Biblical Leadership Development (CBLD) is a satellite of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI), which provides spiritual leadership development training for people in the urban areas of the world. CBLD is one of more than 280 TUMI sites worldwide. The two-year program includes similar components to the SIT program in that it requires program enrollees to attend a daily bible study, attend church service weekly and complete a 20-40 hour work detail each week. Participants are working toward a Certificate in Christian Leadership Studies through The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) .

In 2014 TRM Ministries began the process of becoming a TUMI satellite. This involves the necessity for leaders to receive training and credentialing from TUMI. TUMI students come from all walks of life, having one thing in common: a desire to win the lost in urban areas for Christ. All that is required of students is a sincere faith, an understanding that God has called them to leadership, and a pastor’s reference.

In May, 2015, CBLD began offering classes through TRM Ministries, and now CBLD classes are offered in two ways:

  • SIT participants may opt for the 2-year program, which includes CBLD training in addition to the other requirements of the SIT program. Graduates will be awarded a Certificate in Christian Leadership Studies from TUMI and will be prepared to become leaders in their churches and communities. Their CBLD-specific requirements include:
    • Weekly quizzes over Capstone curriculum
    • Required memorization of Bible passages
    • Required reading of TUMI textbooks
    • The writing of exegetical papers
    • Reaching out to others through ministry projects 
  • CBLD classes are also offered for community members. Classes are held at TRM’s Oakland NET Center, 1001 NE Michigan St, Topeka, KS. 66616. If you are interested in attending TUMI classes through CBLD, please contact Nell Ritchey, 354-1744, extension 338.

For more information on TUMI, go to www.tumi.org

Dare to Dream Mentoring Program

Dare to Dream Mentoring is an on-going supportive relationship between caring individuals that share knowledge, experience and wisdom with one another. Enrollment in this program is mandatory for all guests of Topeka Rescue Mission. It is intended to offer hope, life skills and encouragement as needed to help individuals be successful. Dare to Dream Mentoring is designed to inspire program participants (mentees) to dream about what life can be.

The Dare to Dream Mentoring Program began in the Hi-Crest neighborhood through TRM’s NET Reach Program. Dare to Dream was later adapted for use with TRM guests. Currently there are more than 30 mentors ministering to guests at TRM, and about 20 more ministering in the HI-Crest area. Groups of two or more mentors and several participants (mentees) meet on a weekly basis, and we are privileged to see great progress being achieved by participants of the program.

Dare to Dream Mentors

Mentors are faith-based volunteers assigned to support and encourage participants who have successfully completed the Dare to Dream Participant Training. Mentors develop a relationship of trust and respect with the Dare to Dream graduates to provide consistent guidance and support.  They meet with their participants once a week and provide progress reports to the program director at the site where they are mentoring.

Dare to Dream Participants

Dare to Dream participants must first agree to take a training course and be involved in the process of addressing ten areas of needs that are the root causes to homelessness and generational poverty:

  • Transportation
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Social
  • Family
  • Legal
  • Housing

The Dare to Dream program provides participants with a stable and caring team of mentors who offer guidance and support as they set their life plan goals and strive for personal and professional success. It’s an intentional effort to walk along side, not to fix the person or situation, but to offer hope, skills and encouragement along the way.

The goal is to equip participants with a faith-based mentor team and a strategy designed to achieve goals that will provide support and reduce the revolving door of homelessness.

“I hit rough times due to the choices I had made. I had to start from the bottom and I had to start crawling to the top again. I’m not quite there yet. I’m not the woman I want to be, but I’m definitely not the woman that I used to be.”- Jeanette{DARE TO DREAM GRADUATE}

“We were unaware of the needs of people in poverty. The “quick fixes” that we always thought should work we no longer believe. Mentoring gives us empathy for how their days are often lived from one crisis to the next crisis. Our hearts have been opened to needs that were inconceivable before – especially right here in our city.”- Judy{MENTOR}

Are you missing the BLESSING of paying it forward?

WE NEED MENTORS!   WAIT!…  We know what you might be thinking.

  1. I want to help someone less fortunate, but I do not know how.
    • You won’t be doing it alone.
    • It is a team effort, and we train you.
  2. How do I find someone that wants a mentor?
    • We have people both at the mission and in Hi-Crest who want a friend and mentor.
  3. I am not sure I am qualified.
    • God can use your talents and skills.
  4. I am too busy.
    • Six hours of training, one hour a week and an occasional text or phone call of encouragement is all it takes.
  5. I am afraid.
    • You will discover that God will richly bless you with your new relationship.

CaRE  (Career Readiness and Education)

The Career Readiness Education (CaRE) Program is meeting the needs of TRM guests who want to work but are lacking some of the necessary skills to be successful. In addition to training in the traditional areas of computer skills, job search and interviewing skills, and resume writing, our participants are trained in soft skills such as workplace ethics and attitudes, dressing for success, and interpersonal relationships. Participants in the CaRE Program also do a six-week internship at a worksite in the community.

CaRE Program Description:

The CaRE program is a 12-week employment program of the Topeka Rescue Mission (TRM) designed to help students develop and enhance life management skills and job skills in preparation for long-term, financial sustaining career employment. The TRM goal is to help prepare participants for employment through daily classroom instruction, mentoring and support.

During the 12-weeks, students will:

  • Assess and evaluate their individual skills, abilities, and vocational interests
  • Problem-solve, examine life choices, and set goals for life stability and job success
  • Confront past experiences and obstacles in order to create a plan for change and overcoming challenges
  • Be matched with a mentor through the Dare to Dream Mentoring Program

Components of the Career Readiness Education program include:

Life Skills Management Training

  • Time Management
  • Thinking Critically and Problem-solving
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Managing Stress
  • Financial Literacy

Employability Skills Training

  • First Impressions: Getting a Job
  • Job Search
  • Job Applications
  • Resumes, Cover Letters, Thank You Letters
  • Interviewing Skills

Workplace Literacy

  • Basic Computer Operations
  • Business Communications
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Reading and Written Communications

A Six week internship designed to provide hands-on job experience. Students will be able to model appropriate workplace behavior and build rapport with co-workers and supervisors

Access to life management and employment resources in the Topeka community

Free legal consultation provided by the Kansas Legal Service

Access to housing and consumer credit counseling resources


The CaRE employment program is staffed by three part-time employees: an Instructor, an Employment Specialist, and a Student Support Specialist, and supervised by the Director of Education at Topeka Rescue Mission.

Target Audience

The CaRE employment program will target 24-32 students per year to provide services. Recruiting efforts are directed primarily toward Topeka Rescue Mission guests who:

  • Are committed to personal accountability for their attitude, behavior, and conduct (ABC’s)
  • Desire and are motivated to take control of their lives;
  • Are preparing to obtain and maintain permanent housing and employment
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