Keegen first checked into the mission on June 30th, 2015 as a single male guest. Just the day before, while at Valeo Recovery Center, he had given his life to Christ and knew he wanted a new start in an encouraging place. Then, 23 days after checking in, on 7/23/15, he joined the Servants-in-Training program and also began pursuing a two-year certification from the Center for Biblical Leadership Development. Both programs are a part of education services offered through TRM Ministries. While Keegen was making progress in these programs, after the first year, he also regained custody of his two children. They immediately all moved into the Hope Center as a family! Keegen continued his studies while caring for his kids as a single dad.


Keegan Graduates CBLDAlso, while Keegen was in the programs, he was hired on part time on the facilities maintenance team. When he graduated the CBLD program he was hired on full time. Because of his abilities, when the Children's Palace was preparing to open, Keegen's supervisor suggested he oversee Palace maintenance. Children's Palace Director, Jessica Hosman said, "Keegen is amazing! He's a superb worker, has a fantastic sense of humor and the staff, parents and palace kids all love him." While pursuing his advanced certification in Biblical studies, Keegen crossed paths with a woman he had initially met in high school. She also had a child of her own. They fell in love and married on July 1, 2017. He and his two kids moved out of the mission and into their home-making a new family of five.

A week after getting back married, Keegen graduated from CBLD. When we see Keegen at work, he always has a great smile on his face, joy pouring out of his heart, and he sets a wonderful example of a servant leader. Work and life are going really well for their new family. They recently moved into a larger home and have just learned their family will grow to six later in 2018!

With your support and Christ's inspiration, guests are coming to know Jesus as their Savior, growing closer to Him, and working their way back onto their feet every day. On behalf of Keegen and so many more guests like him, thank you. For Keegen and his family, you have made all the difference!

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