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Why, in the 21st Century, is there a girl in the attic to save? That is the question Freedom Now USA (FNUSA) is asking and encouraging others to ask. Our country was founded on the principle that all individuals are created equal and should be free. While slavery involving race was abolished 150 years ago, sex and labor slavery exists today in communities across America. It hides in plain sight, exploits the most vulnerable, and is eroding the health of our nation. We must stand together to declare war on all forms of slavery and advance freedom for all people.
FNUSA exists to unite efforts within communities to eradicate human trafficking from the United States. In order to eradicate something, you first have to understand it - in its entirety. That is why FNUSA is working with local communities to discover how human trafficking intersects all areas of the community, assist community leaders to understand the full picture and craft an action plan and unite all individuals and organizations needed to fight the war.
How does a community discover the 12-year-olds being raped and ensure they have wrap-around trauma services? Or, discover the 18-year-olds before they are tricked into relationships where they are sold for sex. How does a community discover the 24-year-olds who drink away their pain and sell pictures to the “nice couple” they meet at a bar or online? Better yet, how does a community prevent these atrocities from happening to vulnerable children and adults?
To address these concerns, Topeka Rescue Mission launched FNUSA, piloting a model in Topeka/Shawnee County that, if successful, could shape our nation and turn the tide in a war most Americans don’t even know we are fighting. Join the movement and help FNUSA work alongside communities to both prevent and rescue those in the attic. †

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