B2S ThanksWhen August arrives, those with school age children shift from relaxed summer mode to busy preparation for the first day of school. For some it’s merely an inconvenience of time but for many in our community it’s beyond stressful as they wonder how they will pay for school supplies and clothes for growing kids. The TRM Ministries is blessed by amazing donors and volunteers who understand this need and go above and beyond to lighten the load of struggling parents. Because of your generosity over the past weeks, TRM helped over 150 children, as well as multiple schools across Topeka. Fully stocked backpacks, put together by volunteers, were given to B2S Kiddoschildren across our community, ensuring they are equipped with the tools necessary to learn. To truly affect change in the world, we must equip today’s children to be their best selves and that goes beyond having the right tools. It’s also about self-esteem and feeling like you fit in on the first day of school. No child wants to go to school feeling unprepared. THANK YOU for partnering with TRM and contributing to the children of our community, making it possible for so many to have a great first day of school.

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