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Here we go! We are excited to begin a new and broader way to inform, inspire, equip and engage with you. We will continue to share real-life stories and provide in-depth examination of critical situations. Each month we will share that in spite of all the darkness, there is still light and hope.

Many times the struggles, amidst the lives of the broken individuals and families who come through the doors of the Mission and those who live among us in the community, are overwhelming. Many are experiencing homelessness, addiction, physical and mental illness. They may be escaping violent situations or situations where they are being exploited. The levels of hopelessness and despair are staggering. Broken relationships, financial uncertainties, and seemingly impossible situations plague so many.

The prayer for our YouTube channel and podcast “In Darkness A Light Still Shines” is that by informing you with stories encompassing real life experiences and issues currently facing our community we will bring about a sense of both urgency and hope related to the need to work together. We want to facilitate the opportunity to inspire you and others in the community to find and engage in resolutions to the very complex issues in our community. While these issues are complex and at times seem like they are beyond fixing, we are constantly amazed at the way God brings treasure and light out of the apparent darkness. There is truly always hope. As His word says, the darkness can never fully extinguish the light that eternally shines. (John 1:5, paraphrased)

In our first episode on July 11th, we will discuss looking beyond what may seem to be the obvious issue, to look beyond what we may perceive to be the truth and embrace the reality that lives beyond our first impressions. The wonderful truth is that God looks within all of us. He sees the dirt and blemishes, but also sees the treasure buried deep underneath. He doesn’t judge based on what the world sees. As you watch the YouTube video or listen to the podcast, reflect on how both personally and as a community we can open our eyes and hearts and minds to the gifts and treasures within each of us as well as those around us every day. Together we will consider how we can look beyond what we see and find the value in every person we encounter.

Please join us by accessing In The Darkness A Light Still Shines, beginning on July 11th. You can watch on our YouTube channel or listen on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.
If you’re interested in financially supporting us, we can use your help. Your support will bring hope to those who are struggling with the challenges of this life. †

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