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Prior to the creation of the internet, I remember when information was delivered during a set of broadcast times via the daily television news cast at five, six and ten pm, the hourly radio news report or the daily paper showing up on our driveways, rain, shine, snow or hail. While those forms of information exchange still exist today, the age of the internet has dramatically changed the way we stay connected.

TRM Ministries began its quest to INFORM, INSPIRE, EQUIP and ENGAGE 66 years ago, sharing the news via the “Life Line News”, a monthly newsletter typed on an old typewriter and printed on an in-house mimeograph machine. Today, the “Monthly Report” is a glossy six-page information sharing newsletter that attempts to bring a caring community up to speed on testimony of those helped, new initiatives, announcements and current trends regarding poverty, hunger, homelessness, trauma and human trafficking. Unfortunately, due to development time, printing and mailing realities, the news we wish to convey is 4-6 weeks old. In an era where news developments are broadcast in real or nearly real-time, six-week-old information can get lost in the sea of information overload.

 Untitled 1An original Topeka Rescue Mission Newsletter, the Lifeline, from January 1987I believe our readers, contributors and volunteers want to know the facts to be better EQUIPPED and want information sooner rather than later. This is why I am very excited to announce that beginning next month you will see the introduction of the weekly podcast called “IN DARKNESS A LIGHT STILL SHINES.” Beginning July 2019 you will be able to tune into the new TRM Podcast via our YouTube channel, Facebook page, as well as other social media outlets and our regular email distribution. You will see relevant information on topics such as homelessness, hunger, poverty, neighborhood stabilization, and the impact of trauma on our children as well as adults. The war on human trafficking will be examined, as well as community engagement with leaders, local heroes, Momentum 2022, and plans to eliminate homelessness for children going to school. You will hear firsthand from those on the frontlines of the war on poverty, community safety and health. You will meet those who struggle and hear their stories in a way you may never have heard before. And, of course, we will highlight many of the wonderful testimonies your generous giving and volunteering makes possible. Perhaps most important of all, we will work to help you find ways to engage in the work we and others across the community are doing to make this a strong community. You and TRM together will continue to make a difference in the lives of those who need us most.

For those of you who would still like to see something in your mailbox each month, we will continue to send you an abbreviated newsletter in a bright red envelope. The monthly newsletter will let you know about upcoming podcast topics, special events and announcements as well as directions on how to find the podcasts. Another extremely important item you will find in your monthly mailing will be the familiar donation envelope you’ve been receiving monthly. I encourage you to continue to send your generous contributions. Your financial support helps us reach thousands of hurting individuals and families in our community. Additionally, we will explain other easy ways you can give electronically.

We realize that sometimes changing the way things are done can be overwhelming. We want to help make this as easy for you as possible. Here’s what you can expect. Every Thursday you can go to YouTube on your computer, tablet or mobile device and instantly view that week’s program. You can even sign up for alerts for the latest happenings, so you don’t need to remember it’s time for the latest information. The broadcast will also be pushed out through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to begin with. You can watch the weekly show immediately or anytime at your convenience. You can archive episodes and have the opportunity to ENGAGE with us by providing real-time feedback on issues important to you.

We believe an informed community is an engaged community. As we INFORM you about numerous vital topics, we will learn and grow together. We believe this engagement will not only make us more informed but will eventually bring us together in an effort to better EQUIP all of us to help those in need. In turn, we will become a healthier, stronger and unified community.

The “IN DARKNESS, A LIGHT STILL SHINES” podcast will begin July 2019 on your computer, tablet or mobile device via email, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Please pray for us as we journey on this new and ambitious venture. Tune in and be ready to be INFORMED, and better EQUIPPED to ENGAGE. I’m confident you will be INSPIRED as together we love God and our neighbors in the 21st century and work together to serve those who suffer to inspire them with hope. †

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