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Showing Love. Bridging Gaps. Making a Difference

Cornerstone StoryThe work of TRM Ministries requires many collaborations and partnerships to be the hands and feet of Jesus serving people experiencing homelessness. One of those partnerships is with Cornerstone, an organization focused on providing transitional and affordable housing. Let’s start at the beginning …

I came to the Rescue Mission in April of 1986 and soon found that the Rescue Mission was facing some very serious financial challenges. Things were so bleak that it looked like we might actually have to shut our doors. We struggled along until October of that year before finally beginning to see a financial turnaround. It looked as though 1987 would be a better year, however, while we were struggling financially, there were other things brewing.

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It was a Great Year!

Great YearAfter a lot of prayer and planning, early in 2017 Barry challenged our employee teams with the goal to be the best rescue mission in the country. We worked hard and made significant progress toward that goal. There is still much to be done and opportunities to serve the homeless and hungry are growing. Many of the guests we serve are hungry for much more than a good meal-they long to understand and experience the peace, love and hope that comes from knowing Jesus.

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Hope in the New Year

Hope Center Guest receiving a completion of program for her new home.We believe this is a pivotal time in our community. Our city is making giant leaps forward. Collaboration and public/private partnerships are increasing. New companies are coming to town and bringing jobs and economic growth.

Because of the strong leadership of many wonderful Topekans, the NOTO Arts District is booming and large events are coming to our newly renovated downtown – all generating more revenue and growing the local economy and tax base. We are increasing green space in this community and making it more bicycle-friendly – all efforts that will help to recruit and retain the next generation of families and leaders and help those we serve at the Mission.

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The BEST Christmas


Has your life, job or ministry ever become so overwhelming and difficult that you felt like giving up? Before I began working at the Topeka Rescue Mission, I endured some great challenges that caused me to want to throw in the towel and walk away from it all.

Has your life, job or ministry ever become so overwhelming and difficult that you felt like giving up?

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The BEST Christmas Audio

Santa Praying

Click the image in this post to hear Barry Feaker tell a story from his book “In Darkness A Light Still Shines” entitled “The Best Christmas”.

Listen to Barry Feaker tell a story from his book “In Darkness A Light Still Shines” entitled “The Best Christmas”.

Why YOU Matter!!!!

Why you matter.I started at the Mission seven years ago as a volunteer and helped answer phones in the office. I spoke with all the people who had missed the community deadline to be adopted for Christmas. All of them were disappointed to hear they had missed the deadline.

I took every name down, in the order they called in, and carefully recorded the ages, genders and sizes of their children and their wish lists. Many of those wish lists were simple items we often take for granted—socks, underwear, a coat for a child who had no coat. I had never seen so much need—so many hungry kids and families. God broke my heart every day for the people we had a chance to adopt and encourage.

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Transforming Hearts, Minds, AND……..

Transforming Hearts and MindsNote from Executive Director Barry Feaker: I asked Amber Cunningham, Leadership Development Coordinator, to share a story about how NET Reach is working in the Hi-Crest community and the transformation occurring in hearts, minds, and lives.

A war on poverty was declared in 1964. Since then poverty continues to be a focus of government programming and ministries alike. The Topeka Rescue Mission launched 64 years ago to provide food and shelter for homeless men but as their needs grew, poverty became a word of focus for the Mission. As a nation, do we really understand poverty and its causes?

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