Volunteers are essential for the operation of the Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries. Over 1,500 volunteer opportunities are available monthly – opportunities continually change and expand. Here are frequently asked questions about volunteering with the Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries.


How old do you need to be to volunteer?
To volunteer, children must be at least 8 years old (and physically strong enough) to serve in the kitchen with a parent or guardian. To volunteer by yourself you need to be 18 years old.


What do I wear?
The Mission is a fast pace facility and, for safety, everyone must wear closed-toe shoes wherever you are volunteering. Volunteers need to dress modestly (no short shorts, spaghetti straps, or cropped shirts). To see a better list of details, please see our “Volunteer Expectations” section.


When do you give tours?
Volunteer Services offers tours several times a month. If you are with a group wanting to set up a tour, please contact Volunteer Services to do so. Individuals or families wanting to sign up for the tour & orientation, please visit the “Get Started” link.


What kind of opportunities are available?
A wide variety of opportunities are available throughout TRM Ministries, including but not limited to:
Serving a Meal- The Mission serves 3 meals a day, Monday-Friday and 2 meals a day on Saturday and Sunday.
Mentoring- Helping a Mission guest or community member walk through life.
Thrift Store & Boutique on the Boulevard- Assist as need with cleaning, sorting donations, and merchandizing.
NET Reach – becoming involved in the neighborhood ministry.
And many, many more!


Do I have to schedule in advance to volunteer or can I just show up?
For security and out of respect for all we serve and volunteer with us, volunteers are required to schedule in advance to serve. Please call or email Volunteer Services to schedule a time to serve at TRM Ministries.


I am part of a group. How do I sign up my entire group?
To sign up a group please contact Volunteer Services. School/youth group, are required to have a 5-to-1 ratio (5 youth per 1 adult). We will do our best to accommodate all size groups, but due to space limitations and opportunities, we may not be able to accept all groups at all times.


Do I have to be a Christian to volunteer with the Mission?
No. People of all faith backgrounds are welcome to volunteer. We just ask that, even if you do not share our beliefs, you respect them. Any person or persons proselytizing against the TRM Ministries, its mission, or faith beliefs while volunteering for the Mission will be asked to leave.


I have court-related community service hours I need to complete, can I do them at the Mission?
Yes you can, you will need to state the reason why you have been assigned community service, a contact for your service, and you will need to attend a Volunteer Tour & Orientation before starting community service.


Can I do my internship with the Mission?
If you are interested in doing an internship with the Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries, please send an email to volunteer@trmonline.org with your course requirements and resume.