Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries – Changing the Fight Against Hunger and Homelessness

For the last three months, the newsletter has gone into more detail about how, with your help, we are changing the fight against hunger and homelessness. We have featured food services, shelter services and distribution services. It’s not that we have stopped doing what you know us for—in fact, we’re doing more.

Today, our team is helping nearly 100 individuals and families with food boxes. When I started here as a volunteer, the most we helped in one day was 35. Now, 7 years later, we help 100 on an average distribution day and, on our busiest days, have helped 155 individuals and families. We also just got the May 2017 meal count. Mike Shinkle and his team served nearly 26,500 meals. That’s nearly 4,900 more meals than in May 2016. We can’t do this without your help and support. Every time you give $5, you feed 35 people a meal.

What is the “changing the fight” piece? We have now seen three generations of the same families need help in Topeka. So, while we help hungry and homeless people every day, we are also attacking generational poverty at the root cause—helping those families break the cycle of hunger and homelessness. It’s the hand up approach or teaching a man to fish rather than handing him a fish. If that person is fed and sheltered while trying to learn a skill, he’s much more likely to learn to fish.

This month features education services—you can read about a 13-week job training program called Career Readiness and Education that is highlighted in Amanda’s story in the insert. We offer much more through the Education ministry—including seminary-level Biblical training.

You may read more on the website at

Seeing one life changed at a time is a real joy—and a win for not only these individuals and families we serve, but also Topeka.

Thank you for your support with sustaining donations. We’re counting on you.

Mark DeGroff