February Preview: CaRE

Education Ministries Staff: Robert Sanders, Linda Kinney and Nell Ritchey (far right) with CaRE graduate Shannon Butler

Next month, we will share a number of stories about successes that former guests are having. Many of these folks, formerly homeless and hungry, have now completed CaRE (Career Readiness Education) and are back to work. Not only working, but also in better-paying, more fulfilling jobs as a result. We have a number of examples, from people who just graduated to those who have had their own places and been steadily employed for several years now.

This is such an example of God’s grace, patience and love for each us. It is thrilling to see how He softens hearts, helps people get out of survival mode and learn what servant leadership is all about, how it builds His kingdom, helps them advance in their careers, and ultimately leads to a sense of fulfillment. Our staff in the CaRE Program work very hard and have brought many resources to the table to help people go from homeless and out-of-work to confident, employed and living on their own. One woman applied to more than 100 advertised job vacancies and didn’t give up until she got a yes and got back to work. This 12-week program began at TRM Ministries when funding dried up for a similar city program. This former city-run program was beneficial to many of our guests and when we learned of its discontinuation, we were able to step in and fill the gap for people who were homeless and hungry.

All too often in the “emergency shelter and rescue” business, we see the immediate need – those who most struggle in our society – and deal with the discouraging realities that sometime come with this line of work. Years ago, a friend of mine and fellow staff member, taught me to say, “Yay Jesus” and now I praise Jesus for all of the successes that He is engineering in the midst of the storm. We want to say thank you Jesus for ALL that You bring every day. Thank you to our donors and volunteers for your prayer, support and time.