The concept of the Servants in Training (SIT) program began in 1986 through a program called the “New Life Program.” Over the years it has been redesigned to meet the unfolding needs of the homeless, as our understanding grew regarding how to help empower and transform people’s lives. It transitioned from short-term to a one-year commitment in 2005 with the emphasis on the commands of Christ to go into the community (earth) and serve. In 2015 the curriculum changed from the Commands of Christ to the Capstone Curriculum of The Urban Ministry Institute, and a two-year option was added through the Center for Biblical Leadership Development.

Candidates for the SIT program must agree to the following:

  • Work Detail – Participants work 20-40 hours weekly at a job assignment at TRM, obtaining job skills training while contributing to the needs of others at the mission.
  • Spiritual Training – Daily Bible Study is a requirement for participants, as well as weekly attendance at the church of their choice, elective Bible studies offered by SIT, and relapse prevention classes and groups as needed.
  • Monthly Goals – Each month participants work on goals such as time management, money management, personal assessments in areas such as detail performance and spiritual gifts, and other goals designed to help them in their physical, mental, and spiritual development.

Services Provided:

Shelter: A total of 35 beds are available for single men and women enrolled in the SIT program. Married couples may be admitted to the program if both spouses are willing to make the one-year commitment required. Subject to space availability, married couples may be housed in the SIT area.

Other Support:  Participants in SIT receive three meals per day, hygiene supplies, free clothing, and a personal needs allowance to purchase items not provided by TRM. They are also eligible for household assistance upon meeting goals and obtaining their own housing.