In 2014 TRM Ministries began the process of becoming a TUMI satellite. This involves the necessity for leaders to receive training and credentialing from TUMI. TUMI students come from all walks of life, having one thing in common: a desire to win the lost in urban areas for Christ. All that is required of students is a sincere faith, an understanding that God has called them to leadership, and a pastor’s reference.

In May, 2015, CBLD began offering classes through TRM Ministries, and now CBLD classes are offered in two ways:

  • SIT participants may opt for the 2-year program, which includes CBLD training in addition to the other requirements of the SIT program. Graduates will be awarded a Certificate in Christian Leadership Studies from TUMI and will be prepared to become leaders in their churches and communities. Their CBLD-specific requirements include:
    • Weekly quizzes over Capstone curriculum
    • Required memorization of Bible passages
    • Required reading of TUMI textbooks
    • The writing of exegetical papers
    • Reaching out to others through ministry projects
  • CBLD classes are also offered for community members. Classes are held at TRM’s Oakland NET Center, 1001 NE Michigan St, Topeka, KS. 66616. If you are interested in attending TUMI classes through CBLD, please contact Nell Ritchey, 354-1744, extension 338.

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