Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up
Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

Make a Donation Volunteer In Darkness a Light Still Shines - Book Release

Topeka Rescue Mission
Topeka Rescue Mission

Breaking the Mold: Working Together

Five years ago, I received a special invitation to meet with some well-intentioned leaders of our city. When I arrived, they were quick to the point. New developments for potential redevelopment of the North Topeka area were being explored. Sadly, a homeless shelter centered in the middle was not part of the blueprint. To them,…read the rest

Expansion Fund

We are continuing to address the needs that are before us by moving forward with expansion endeavors. We will be having a detailed press release this month as soon as we hear from the City Council. If you are interested in donating to the Mission’s Expansion Fund, please submit your donation marked “Expansion Fund” to:…read the rest

What NOTO Is Really All About

The NOTO Arts Center, which was to become the art headquarters for the district, had just opened. Everything inside was brand-new and the ribbon had just been cut. While everything was perfect on the inside, the weather outside had become dark and dismal. For two days straight the rains fell heavily causing the Kansas River…read the rest

FULL House Concert

Where Can I Be Safe

The summer of 1986 was a hot one, but not as extreme as the temperatures that we have faced this year. It was my first summer at the Mission and I could never imagine someone in need passing up the comforts of shelter and air conditioning. I had just walked out of the old Mission…read the rest