Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up
Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

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Topeka Rescue Mission
Topeka Rescue Mission

Walking by Faith

Twenty-five years ago I learned a huge lesson in how to walk by faith in spite of what the circumstances seemed. Today, as needs continue to increase and resources dwindle, I hold fast upon what it was that I learned so many years ago… When a local hospital was preparing to close, a call was…read the rest

A Unique Way to Give

During the June board meeting of 1998, two decisions were made. One was that we would move forward in the development of a new shelter for women, families and children and the second was that we would not make the announcement public until the end of July. We knew that the estimated costs were $2.2…read the rest

Back to School Supplies Needed

The Annual Back to School Fair is scheduled this year for August 8th – 11th.  During the school fair we reach out to those in the community to provide school supplies and every effort is made to give each child one new outfit and a pair of shoes to start the school year.  Your support…read the rest

How We Got Here

I heard the following story in 1986 while attending my first Director’s Meeting through the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM). The current president relayed it to us in attempts to share the foundation of the AGRM and who the man was that was responsible for the shelter ministry consisting currently of near 300 Rescue…read the rest

Soldiers of Compassion – Walking into the Trenches of Despair

While visiting with one of our elected officials, I was recently asked the question, “With all of the people you are seeing who are coming to the Topeka Rescue Mission as well as those you are finding who are un-sheltered and living outdoors, are you surprised?” Honestly, I was more surprised that he actually asked…read the rest