Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up
Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

Make a Donation Volunteer In Darkness a Light Still Shines - Book Release

Topeka Rescue Mission
Topeka Rescue Mission

What NOTO Is Really All About

The NOTO Arts Center, which was to become the art headquarters for the district, had just opened. Everything inside was brand-new and the ribbon had just been cut. While everything was perfect on the inside, the weather outside had become dark and dismal. For two days straight the rains fell heavily causing the Kansas River…read the rest

FULL House Concert

Where Can I Be Safe

The summer of 1986 was a hot one, but not as extreme as the temperatures that we have faced this year. It was my first summer at the Mission and I could never imagine someone in need passing up the comforts of shelter and air conditioning. I had just walked out of the old Mission…read the rest

Back to School Fair

We have helped almost 400 children with brand new clothes including shoes, school supplies and backpacks for back to school. We were short on backpacks at the start, then a church called and donated 175 backpacks with school supplies in them. Every time we started to run out of a particular item, volunteers would go…read the rest

Saving Lives … A Letter from Jordan

     My name is Jordan and I lived at the mission for about three months. I ended up at the mission by choice, a decision most 18 year old girls would not condone. But my mother was living there, and I wanted to be close to her. So I packed up all of my personal…read the rest