Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up
Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

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Topeka Rescue Mission
Topeka Rescue Mission

The Best Christmas!!!!

Christmas Tree

The parsonage my wife and I lived in during Christmas 1980 was cold and drafty. It was also located in a rough, impoverished and crime ridden area of Kansas City where we knew no one. In all of our lives, I’m not sure we had ever felt so alone. We had little income, no food,…read the rest

From our Family to Yours


Each year, hundreds of individuals call the Topeka Rescue Mission “home” during the Christmas season. As a staff, we do everything we can to try and make the season special. While we cannot solve everyone’s problems, we hope to always give each one the gift of love, joy, peace, and the recognition of the reason…read the rest

Expansion Fund

Final approval on rezoning the former Bailey Moving and Storage property at 608 Quincy (directly behind the main Shelter at 600 N. Kansas Avenue) has come from the city council. The $3 million capital campaign to convert this building into shelter space for 170 beds, 20 offices, laundry, education facilities and more is underway. Nearly…read the rest

Beauty and the Beast

I first met Bobby and Sue on Thanksgiving Day-my first at the Mission. I had no idea what this day was supposed to look like but I did know that we had no money for any extras. A turkey to feed the 30-some guests we were anticipating had been donated and I asked the guys…read the rest

Breaking the Mold: Working Together

Five years ago, I received a special invitation to meet with some well-intentioned leaders of our city. When I arrived, they were quick to the point. New developments for potential redevelopment of the North Topeka area were being explored. Sadly, a homeless shelter centered in the middle was not part of the blueprint. To them,…read the rest