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Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

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Guest Programs

Program Options

The advocate will select a program according to each individual’s needs. Regular reviews will be conducted by the advocate to ensure that the guest is meeting the requirements of their program. Guests may remain at TRM until they have reached the maximum length of stay for their program.

If the guest is barred, or leaves TRM for any reason without an approved pass, they will be considered to have violated their program option and their bed will be given to someone else. They will not be allowed to return without approval from their advocate.

This describes the program options offered by the Topeka Rescue Mission. All guests are required to participate in one of these programs.

  • Program Option 1: Transition/Short-Term Stay
    • Purpose is to allow a guest up to 14 days for short-term needs such as health, travel, or transitional housing.
    • Length of stay will be determined by the guest&146;s advocate at TRM, based on individual need.
    • Average length of TRM stay is 7-14 days.
  • Program Option 2: Work-Training Program
    • Attending the T-MAP (Topeka Moving Ahead Program) classes through Kansas Legal Services.
    • Purpose to establish solid work and life skills before attempting outside employment. The classes are Monday &150; Friday. During 2nd part of the program you will be assigned an apprenticeship. At the end of the program you will be assisted to locate employment.
  • Program Option 3: Employment/Training Program
    • Outside employment that totals at least 35 hours per week at minimum wage within 30 days.
    • Show proof of work/wages or training on request (daily for day or spot labor). Must save income to pay debts and for establishment of new residence.
    • Average length of TRM stay 30-120 days.
  • Program Option 4: Special Need Program
    • Parent with dependent child under the age of 1. Or verifiable medical or mental condition precluding work.
    • Must save income to pay debts and for establishment of new residence.
    • Length of program varies; determined by advocate.
  • Program Option 5: SIT or Servants In Training Program
    • Agreement to at least one year of non-paid work assignment and Biblical training.
    • Educational classes provided by TRM, and Church attendance required. Attendance encouraged at 12-Step Support Group Meetings.
    • Purpose to equip the individual for living a successful lifestyle, with spiritual and vocational emphasis, with the goal being learning to serve in the Kingdom of God.
    • Areas of work assignment include food service, housekeeping, maintenance, thrift store, desk.
    • Normal work assignment is 40 hours/week.
    • Program commitment is a minimum of one year.
  • Program Option 6: Working Training Program
    • Receiving a non-paid work assignment within the structure of TRM.
    • Purpose to establish work experience and needed life skills.
    • Areas of work training include food service, housekeeping, maintenance, and thrift store.
    • Normal work assignment is 40 hours/week. This may be adjusted at the discretion of the advocate.
    • Participants are NOT eligible for volunteer rewards credits.
    • This program option may be used for people waiting to entire the T-MAP program, or for those who need extra stabilization time before seeking outside employment.
    • Length of program varies. Guest will be reviewed on a monthly basis by his advocate and his work supervisor.