Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up
Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

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It began with a prayer, faith that God would make a way and a deep desire to help those who were hungry and homeless. From a small room on E. 4th Street, in 1953, to the 600 block of N. Kansas Avenue, the Mission has seen many changes


1959-607 N. Kansas acquired, serving 20-30 men each night. Also housed the Mission kitchen, dining room, and chapel. Demolished in 1992 to make room for the children’s playground.


601 N. Kansas acquired for offices and thrift store. In the mid 1970’s the upstairs was used for sheltering homeless women and children.


1987-901 N. Kansas Thrift Store acquired, providing free or low cost clothing and household items to the needy.


New $1.7 million building at 600 N. Kansas Ave. for homeless men, women and families, serving 100+ people each night. Including a new kitchen, dining room, chapel, and education space.


Old building at 607 demolished, and original playground for children developed.


116 N.W. Curtis new $2 million shelter built for homeless women and families. Sheltering over 100 people each night. Recently using dayroom floor space to accommodate people as rooms are full most of the time.


401 N.W. Norris-Distribution Center for food and supply storage, meeting needs of the poor in the community. Acquired due to need for additional space and poor condition of building at 601 N. Kansas.


PlaygroundDue to the increase in number of families, the old playground facility needed to be updated to meet the increased need


Thrift StoreThe Thrift Store served for 22 years at 901 N. Kansas Ave, but this location was evacuated as it was unsafe to our staff and shoppers because of structural concerns of an adjacent building. After many prayers and support from our donors, the Topeka Rescue Mission purchased the former Our Father’s Table and Grocery Surplus, located at 1312 N. Kansas Ave.


Operation Street Reach was created to reach out to unsheltered homeless individuals not currently receiving Mission services.


Two Ministries working togetherA sister organization “NET Reach” was created by the Mission to further expand services into areas of the community experiencing homelessness, hunger, poverty and crime. Other expansion efforts to address growing needs are also in process.