Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up
Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

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Main Shelter

Main ShelterOur main facility is located at 600 N. Kansas Ave and can be reached by calling 785-354-1744. Built in 1991, it has 24,000sq ft and also contains the administrative offices, chapel, dining room, and men’s shelter.


Hope Center

Hope CenterThe Hope Center is located at 116 NW Curtis and can be reached by calling 785-354-1744 ext. 309. It is our shelter for single women and families and was built in 2000 to accommodate the growing numbers of families which were no longer able to be served at the main shelter.


Distribution Center

Distribution CenterThe Distribution Center is located at 401 NW Norris and can be reached by calling 785-357-4285. The DC is where we sort, store, distribute and recycle donations that are received, and is our warehouse, supply center, and outreach resource into our community.

Donation Information
We gratefully accept donations of food, clothing, furniture, appliances, and miscellaneous items. If you use it in your home we can probably use it at TRM, or find a good home for it, if in good usable condition.

  • Best Donation site is at our Distribution Center 401 NW Norris, 8:00AM – 3:00PM Mon.- Fri and 8:00AM – Noon on Saturday.
  • Any other time, you may take your donations to the Main Shelter at 600 N. Kansas. However, due to space limitations, we are only able to receive items that will fit in a bag or box at this location. We however must reload anything taken to this location and transfer to the Distribution Center, so your help in delivering to the Distribution Center helps us greatly.
  • Please do not leave donations outside the Distribution Center when closed!
  • Thank You!

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Thrift Store

Thrift StoreThe Thrift Store is located at 1312 N. Kansas Ave and can be reached by calling 785-235-9094. Each year, it provides about 10% of our income, as well as opportunities for low cost clothing and goods for those in need throughout the community. All proceeds are used to support the Mission.


Tuesday-Saturday- 10am-5pm
Closed Sunday and Monday


The playground area is located on the Hope Center property. It is for children and families to enjoy the outdoors. With the mission’s close environments the playground is necessary to help the children stay healthy, happy, and out of trouble!