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Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

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NET Reach: Another Way TRM is Reaching Out to the Community

For a number of years, the Topeka Rescue Mission has been examining why hunger, homelessness and poverty has been increasing in Topeka/Shawnee County. In doing so, we have discovered that there are significant areas of the community faced with these concerns. In an attempt to address the causes of hunger, homelessness, poverty and community safety, we have developed NET Reach (Neighborhood Empowerment and Transformation) to strengthen the health of our neighborhoods.

A number of our neighborhoods have been identified as, “in need of care”.  One of the most significant areas is Hi-Crest West. In this area of 5,700 residents, 92% of the children are living in poverty and 13% are involved in gang activity. In addition, 5% of all calls coming into the Topeka Police Department are generated from this area In attempts to intervene and bring improvement, we will have a staff presence at  the former Avondale East Elementary School in collaboration with Community Resources Council, Topeka Public Schools, local churches and social service agencies. A number of strategies will be implemented to bring the necessary tools and resources to strengthen individuals and families while also bringing about the opportunity for relationship building. The ultimate goal is to bring about the transformation from an unhealthy to healthy neighborhood.

We are excited about this opportunity to further reach out to those in need and thank you for standing with us in these new endeavors. If you would like more information about NET Reach, please contact Terry Hund at or 785-354-1744-x370.

“Someone has well said that nature forms us, sin deforms us, the penitentiary reforms us, education informs us, the world conforms us, but only Jesus transforms us”
Author Unknown

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  1. Loyd Inglis

    I recently moved to the area and am interested in becoming involved in outreach to the homeless/needy.

    May 08, 2013 @ 2:44 am