Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up
Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

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Book Release & Sales

We are excited to announce that “In Darkness, a Light Still Shines” is now available!

It is no secret that hopelessness and despair have emerged in our world to a staggering degree. Broken relationships, financial uncertainties, and seemingly impossible situations are plaguing multitudes tempting them to give up on life. This book is an attempt to offer hope in the midst of the darkness so prevalent in our world today.

The challenges surrounding each one of the short stories included in this book have been immense; yet the way God has brought treasure and light out of the darkness faced is astonishing. While your life is unique and it sometimes feels as though there is no way out from the overwhelming circumstances you face, there really is always hope. There is not one situation you can experience that will ever be too difficult for God. Regardless of how intense, the darkness can never fully extinguish the light that eternally shines (John 1:5).

This 52-week devotional book is based on Barry’s past 26 years of service at the Topeka Rescue Mission. As you open the pages to embark on the journey before you, may you come to the assurance of knowing that… … even in darkness, a light still shines.

“In Darkness, a Light Still Shines” can be purchased online at or in Topeka at the locations listed below:

The Topeka Rescue Mission Thrift Store: 1312 N. Kansas Ave. (M-F 9:30-5; Sa-Su 9-4)
The Eclective: 900 N Kansas Ave., W-Sat 10a-3p
Straight Water: 1023 SW Gage Blvd., M-F 9a-6p, Sat 9a-4p
Educational Credit Union: 2808 SW Arrowhead Rd., M-F 8:45a-5:15p, Sat 9a-12p,
Educational Credit Union: 4701 NW Hunter’s Ridge Cir., M-F 8:45-5:15p,
Educational Credit Union: 3623 SE 29th St., M-F 8:45a-5:15p
Educational Credit Union: 901 SW Topeka Blvd., M-F 8a-5p

Cost of Books is $15/each.  To purchae quantities of 10 or more please call Jackie at 785-354-1744×367.

All proceeds support TRM. For more information, please email or call 785-354-1744-x325.


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