Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up
Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

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How You Helped in 2011

This past year was filled with many challenges as individuals and families poured into the Topeka Rescue Mission in search of help. Without the generosity so freely given by our community and the faithfulness of God to provide, the accomplishments listed in this report would not have been possible. Thank you for your continued compassion towards those who are homeless or in need and for the many ways you have been a blessing to the Topeka Rescue Mission.

Guest Tracking

  • 2,201 unduplicated individuals received shelter
  • 1,188 men
  • 661 women
  • 352 children
  • 95,658 total nights of shelter provided
  • 262 individuals sheltered on average each night

Food Services

  • 245,257 meals from our kitchen
  • 40,512 meals distributed through food boxes
  • 238,816 meals and supplied food to partner agencies
  • 524,585 total meals served and distributed
  • $1,559,921 food donors saved TRM

If food needed to be purchased, the estimated cost would have been $3.00 per meal or $1,573,755. However, because of the generosity of donors, the total monetary cost for food was only $13,834, or three cents ($.03) per meal.

Distribution Center

  • 2,972 individuals received clothing through the Clothing Bank
  • Approximately 11,034 household items, including beds, furniture and major appliances were given to 8,384 individuals
  • Countless personal hygiene items and school supplies were given to those in need


  • 2,184 children
  • 3,685 total individuals received gifts and food baskets

Direct Help

  • 1,025 occurrences of medical help, including visits in our clinic, as well as dental, vision and prescription assistance
  • 6,086 transportation vouchers (bus tickets, cab fare, etc) were provided
  • 55 occasions of rental and utility assistance were provided
  • 374 occurrences of additional direct help for miscellaneous items (phone cards, stamps, identification, etc) were also provided

Volunteer Services

  • 32,000 volunteer hours were provided
  • 985 volunteers
  • 1,070 volunteer instances occurred on average each month
  • Conservatively, at minimum wage ($7.25/hour) these hours would have cost $232,000

2011 Expense by Source

Program 72%
This includes shelter, meals, rehabilitation programs, case management, housing referrals and services provided through our Distribution Center.

Repairs and Maintenance 12%
Covers the upkeep of 72,000 square feet of Mission property.

Administrative 7%
Includes donor system management, volunteer management, guest records and evaluation.

Direct Help 4%
Financial assistance provided for rent and utilities, medications, transportation, identification, stamps, phone cards and similar services provided to both guests and non-guests of the Mission.

Public Relations and Advertising 3%
Efforts used to acquire financial/material resources and volunteer recruitment. All efforts supported entirely by donations, no government funds used.

Public Education 2%
Information to the public on how to help the homeless.

2011 Income by Source

Individuals 72.4%
Businesses 7.8%
Churches 5.9%
DC Recycling 5.9%
Thrift Store 5.7%
Associations 1.8%
Misc 0.5%

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