Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up
Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

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Topeka Rescue Mission

Stories of Hope

Miracle for Mariah: Resurrected Hope


There are not many people in this world that skate through life without a care. Challenges can quickly pile up from every direction and stifle what little hope we might have left for tomorrow. We see it every day at the Topeka Rescue Mission knowing it is not foreign to those outside the realm of…read the rest


Caleib, age 11 Homeless since Oct 2014  Favorite toy: Hot Wheels toys

              A local Girl Scout troop decided to help kids who had become homeless. The girls collected warm pajamas, socks and underwear for the children staying at the Hope Center. In learning about kids that were homeless the girls began to see just how much they had in common,…read the rest

It Can Happen to Anyone

March 2015 Cover article

Jonathan* violated his parole and had just completed 30 days in jail. When the time for his hearing came, he was certain he would be sent to prison. To his shock, the opposite occurred … he was free to go. He had struggled with alcoholism for years and to him the surprising verdict from the…read the rest

TRM Kids Art Gallery

These pictures were all drawn by children who are homeless and residing at the Mission’s Hope Center. Left: Julian, age 5 wants to be a doctor when he grows up. Homeless since Nov. 2014; Center: Malachi, age 7. Favorite color, red. Homeless since Sept. 2014 Right: Michelle, age 8. Favorite animal, dog. Homeless since May…read the rest

The Same Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Kay Story-cover

            The young woman stood at the reception window at the Topeka Rescue Mission Distribution Center. Her hair was loosely combed and her clothing hung from her narrow frame. She tightly gripped the papers that had been crumpled into a cylinder shape formed from the sweat of her hands and…read the rest

Journey to Bethlehem

Journey to Bethlehem

“And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Casesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed. And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria. And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city. And Joseph also went up from Galilee,…read the rest

Thankful for the Gift of Hope


Hope is such a simple word – but the meaning goes straight to the core of a person’s deepest desires and fears, their dreams and the things they hold dearest. Without hope it is hard to imagine trudging through the trials of this world. Darin Disney is an example of the power of hope. After…read the rest

Welcoming a Child


We have shared many times about the uniqueness of people served through the Topeka Rescue Mission. Each one has a story and each one has a unique purpose for their lives. Often overlooked are the stories of the children who come through our doors and those who are in need within our community. Plans for…read the rest

Good News!


Over the years the Topeka Rescue Mission has reached outside its own walls to minister to and touch the lives of unsheltered homeless individuals. Many of these men and women have been homeless for not only weeks and months, but also for years and decades. Many have grown accustomed to this lifestyle and are wary…read the rest

Where God Guides, HE Provides; Where He Leads, HE Supplies


Over the past 61 years, the needs of the Topeka Rescue Mission have been continually met because God has touched peoples’ hearts, and they have listened –people saying “yes” to God’s leading and partnering with Him. The Mission has been awed and amazed with gifts of all types and amounts over the years . These…read the rest

Finding Freedom – Keith and Jessica’s Story

Keith and Jessica

Jessica came to the Mission’s Hope Center for the first time in 2012 with her two daughters who were aged nine and four at the time. Entering the doors for the first time was a hard decision to make, but one she knew was necessary for her and her children. “I knew I had no…read the rest

Bringing Hope and Help to Homeless Moms and Their Children


When Isaiah came to the Topeka Rescue Mission at the age of five, he had one possession he knew he could cling to – his mom. Though the surroundings were new and the routine different, he knew as long as Mom was by his side, everything would be okay. For most of the 300-400 children…read the rest

Finding the ONE Thing


Broken.   Homeless.    Lost. Alone.   Fearful.     Angry. These are just a few words that could describe the thousands of people who come through the doors of the Topeka Rescue Mission every year. Every face is different and each story is unique, just like yours and mine. Yet there is something each one of us has in…read the rest

What Love Looks Like:

shorty copy

The Stories Behind the Numbers Most of us have heard the greatest commandments: love God, love people (Matthew 22:37-39). It sounds easy enough, but what does love really look like? At the Topeka Rescue Mission we have been exploring that question and asking God to help us extend His love more and more to the…read the rest

Thanks for a GREAT Christmas


Thank you once again for helping our Christmas season to be a blessing to numerous individuals in our community! One of the things that continually challenges me is the reality of suffering and despair that surrounds so many in our community. Regardless of it comes from an illness in the family, a lack of heat…read the rest

“The Miracle of a Mended Heart”


Christmas is known as a time of celebration, joy and good tidings. Yet for some, it can be the most difficult time of the year. Doc resided, later worked and then died as a part of the Topeka Rescue Mission family. He endured much pain throughout his life but in the end he discovered the…read the rest

Ministry Spotlight: The Christmas Project

Green Christmas Tree

For the past sixty years, the Mission has always tried to do something extra special around Christmastime to make the season a little brighter for individuals in need. While this started out as just a simple meal it has since transformed into what has become one of the largest gift distributions in our community. Countless…read the rest

trans-for-ma-tion – Seeing the Process Unfold: Kelli’s Story

D Sabb Prayer_forweb

Kelli came to the Mission’s Hope Center dirty, helpless and confused. Her mind wandered fiercely leading to a constant state of delusion and torment. Few wanted to come near her as she wore multiple layers of soiled clothing and seldom bathed. Those who took the risk, found it nearly impossible to have a conversation. Aside…read the rest

Walking in HIS Steps

Walking in HIS Steps Photo

Hundreds of dedicated staff and volunteers have served humbly and sacrificially at the Topeka Rescue Mission over the years. Each one is unique in their personalities and ministry, but each share the common trait of compassion and love towards those who are homeless and poor. While it would be impossible to pick just one who…read the rest

The Realities of Life on the Streets

Two men on river bank.

Since the release of “In Darkness, a Light Still Shines,” many readers have voiced that they had been unaware of the harsh realities that so many people who are homeless daily face. The book is just a taste of what went on over a course of time in Topeka, KS.  Sadly, new stories of the…read the rest

Celebrating Freedom: One Man’s Chapter

Steve Paul

In America, July marks the month in which we celebrate our nation’s independence. Patriotism rings loud as flags wave high and fireworks light the sky. But it’s not just our nation that celebrates victory. The Topeka Rescue Mission is privileged to celebrate the victory of individuals once bound by the prison of homelessness released into…read the rest

Creation of the Empowerment and Transformation Center


For quite some time, we have been talking about the need for further expansion at the Topeka Rescue Mission. While our initial plans centered on the creation of additional intake shelter space, we now recognize that this in and of itself is not the sole solution to the dilemma at hand—though increased capacity and more…read the rest

Thank You for Keeping Me….a Tribute to Mothers

Barry Feaker's Mother, Joyce

We never know for sure how today’s actions will influence tomorrow. Sometimes it’s not until years later that the impacts of our decisions are fully understood… Over the years I have had numerous opportunities to speak to students ranging from elementary school to college. Many times I have been approached afterwards by a student expressing…read the rest

A Father’s Story – Pressing Fearlessly Onward

Jose' and his son

Jose’ is one of the many fathers who have passed through the doors of the Mission and gone above and beyond to provide for his family. After experiencing devastation in their life, he, his wife and their five children came to the Mission for support. Without hesitation, Jose’ began his search for work. He found…read the rest