Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up
Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

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Stories of Hope

The Spirit of Adoption


So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when He adopted you as His own children. Now we call Him, “Abba, Father.” – Romans 8:15 NLT At 32 years old, Kimberly* was dangerously close to the end of her rope. She had recently made it known…read the rest

“You Have Always Been There For Me”


What Love Looks Like, From Heaven to the Streets The night of the neighborhood Christmas dinner a woman, appearing to wear the hardships of life, approached the uniformed police officer and exchanged a few words. One of the things I heard her say to him was, “Thank you… you have always been there for me.”…read the rest



When most of us think about the date of April 15, our stomachs begin to churn if we have yet to file our income taxes. However, if we run the clock back 104 years earlier to the year 1912, we remember a very different April 15. In the early morning hours on its maiden voyage…read the rest

The Best Christmas

Click the image in this post below to hear Barry Feaker tell a story from his book “In Darkness A Light Still Shines” entitled “The Best Christmas”.  

Daddy, Can I Help?


I remember when I was a small boy watching my dad working on various projects around the home. He was a police officer by profession, but multi-gifted at fixing just about everything. More often than not, my curiosity got the best of me and I found myself right in the middle of whatever he was…read the rest

“You Gotta Keep This Place Open”


I was in my normal rush mode, heading out the door, when I passed the Mission’s clinic. Sitting on the couch, next the clinic door, sat a man of typical appearance for a homeless shelter. A scruffy beard, uncombed hair, thin and looking well beyond his actual years in age. We see them every day,…read the rest

What Does It Take for Transformation

The ministry of the Topeka Rescue Mission has, for decades, been there for tens of thousands of people who, for a time in their life, had nowhere to turn. This month’s report examines two questions: 1. What is the Topeka Rescue Mission today compared to when it first began? 2. Why has the Mission gone…read the rest

A Mermaid Has No TEARS


The pain and suffering that we see in the lives of the poor, the homeless and the hungry throughout our community, our nation and world compels many to take action and become the hands and feet of Jesus. In a compassionate effort to restore hope to those who suffer, the United States of America, without…read the rest



Each night the children long-awaited the return of their father coming home from his intense and laborious day at work. The family would gather around the small fire in their one room house and listen to stories that had been passed down for 430 years. Stories of a deliverer who would one day set them…read the rest

The Scariest and Best Job I’ve Ever Had


ENCOURAGEMENT for DADS A number of years ago I received a visit from a radio reporter covering national news stories. One of her final questions was, “What is the most difficult part of your job that you face every day?” I paused and had to think about that for a little bit before answering ……read the rest

Remembering Mom: Mother’s Day Edition

main story 4

              She stood at the door of the Mission, her five children in tow, Their future now uncertain, what would happen next she did not know. Reflecting back over these painful years, her heart broken from years of abuse, The love of her life, once gentle and kind now…read the rest



Dear Friends I write this month to express my gratitude and share some thoughts about my past 30 years at the Topeka Rescue Mission. April 21, 1986 was the beginning of this most incredible journey traveling from fear to faith. I also write this from the perspective that I have now spent over half of…read the rest

SNEAK PEEK INTO: “In Darkness a Light Still Shines….for Kids”

Man on Street

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into some of the contents found in “In Darkness, a Light Still Shines … for Kids!” The intent behind this publication is to bring hope into the life of your family and help your children deal with challenging circumstances they may encounter in their young lives. It can…read the rest

What Is GOD Up To? Part Three


Each year as we reach out to those in front of us with the love of Christ, it seems as though more and more new faces cross our path every day. We always look forward to seeing the factual numbers before us which represent each one of those faces and lives touched. We don’t view…read the rest

What’s GOD Up To – Part Two

childs palace

DID YOU KNOW that in 1953, the Topeka Rescue Mission was nothing more than a small storefront dining facility that offered donuts and coffee to 15-20 homeless men? (That’s hard to envision when we look at our current operations which serve hundreds, and sometimes over a thousand, full meals per day!) A turning point came…read the rest

What is GOD up to?


Part One: 2015 at a Glance A new year is upon us and once again we look back in amazement at all God has done over the past twelve months. Not only has He continued to supply for every need, He has also expanded the borders of our ministry to further reach those who are…read the rest

From the Desk of Barry Feaker

Words cannot express the continued gratitude we hold in our hearts for the many ways in which you made this past Christmas another memorable one. Each year we begin the Christmas season with hearts filled with joy and excitement as we anticipate the outpouring of love that will be given to so many individuals and…read the rest



Our heart throughout the year is to do the very best with the little lives God has given us, to share Jesus Christ and the hope and life that comes from knowing Him. Whether it comes through the gift of compassion, shelter, food or hope, we desire each to be a representation of His love…read the rest


A little boy staying at the Hope Center with his family could hardly contain his excitement; Christmas was just around the corner and Santa was coming early to take pictures and hand out some gifts. As soon as the red suit was spotted across the lobby, the boy began doing jumping jacks in an expression…read the rest

From the Desk of Barry Feaker: THE TREE OF FORGOTTEN ORNAMENTS

The time had finally come as the snows began to fall that Christmas trees and all their shiny ornaments would soon adorn the hall. It was at a festival of trees that she would soon appear, but sadly her purpose was not yet that clear. As she sat in the lineup with trees full and…read the rest

The Many Faces of THANKFULNESS

Keegen Funnell

As the leaves turn and the air becomes crisp, our hearts again turn to the Thanksgiving season. In life, as well as in nature, we all go through different seasons. Sometimes we bathe in the glow of new opportunities and fresh starts; other times we slowly trudge through gray and dreary days. We go through…read the rest

The Unfolding Story: Neighbors in Need (part 2)


She found her way into the abandoned grade school, down the long hallway to a classroom converted now into a makeshift office. Wearing mismatched medical scrubs, her shoulder weighted with a worn overstuffed handbag, she walked in the office. “What is this? What do you do up here?” I’d like to say we said something…read the rest

KIDZ KORNER – October 2015


Eight Girl Scouts made a big difference recently! These girls are just like anyone else but they did an amazing thing for their community by collecting and donating 1,564 pairs of socks to the Topeka Rescue Mission to be handed out to those in need! Each year we give out almost 10,000 pairs of socks…read the rest

The Unfolding Story: Neighbors in Need


The shocking news of multiple shootings in our capital city grabbed our attention this summer as the neighborhood of Hi Crest dominated the lead stories and headlines, recounting the devastating murder of a 5 year old little girl, details of gang violence and drug use. A forgotten neighborhood awakened with violence and feelings of hopelessness.…read the rest