Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up
Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

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Topeka Rescue Mission


Expansion Planning

Our March newsletter included a snapshot into current expansion initiatives. To donate specifically to our expansion fund, please make checks payable to “Topeka Rescue Mission” and include “Expansion” in the memo line. Credit card donations are also accepted online or by calling our Business Office at 785-354-1744-x316. A formal open house will be scheduled…read the rest

Expansion Snapshot

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Two years ago, we thought we had the expansion plan for the Topeka Rescue Mission figured out. We made the necessary announcements and began forging ahead. Yet in doing so, we continued to seek the Lord for guidance and found that revisions from the original plan were necessary. While our initial plan was good, what…read the rest

2013 Summarized in One Word: Stretched

Indeed 2013 was a year of STRETCHING for the Topeka Rescue Mission in many ways. Not only did the number of individuals coming to us in need continue to climb, along with the increased need came an emotional and spiritual stretching that was necessary to successfully embrace the needs before us. Directional stretching also came…read the rest

Expansion Update from Executive Director Barry Feaker

Dear Friends, I am certain that many of you have been wondering about where things are in regards to expanding our shelter capacity here at the Topeka Rescue Mission. In February 2012 we announced the Mission was going to undertake a plan to expand beds to the homeless due to the fact that we had…read the rest

Creation of the Empowerment and Transformation Center


For quite some time, we have been talking about the need for further expansion at the Topeka Rescue Mission. While our initial plans centered on the creation of additional intake shelter space, we now recognize that this in and of itself is not the sole solution to the dilemma at hand—though increased capacity and more…read the rest

Expansion Update

The needs for shelter are climbing and we anticipate they will continue through the new year. To address the increased number of individuals coming to the Mission for shelter, and the increased number of persons who are homeless and unsheltered, we are moving forward with our expansion endeavors. Part of this plan includes the development…read the rest

Expansion Fund

Final approval on rezoning the former Bailey Moving and Storage property at 608 Quincy (directly behind the main Shelter at 600 N. Kansas Avenue) has come from the city council. The $3 million capital campaign to convert this building into shelter space for 170 beds, 20 offices, laundry, education facilities and more is underway. Nearly…read the rest

Expansion Fund

We are continuing to address the needs that are before us by moving forward with expansion endeavors. We will be having a detailed press release this month as soon as we hear from the City Council. If you are interested in donating to the Mission’s Expansion Fund, please submit your donation marked “Expansion Fund” to:…read the rest

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