Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up
Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

Make a Donation Volunteer In Darkness a Light Still Shines - Book Release

Topeka Rescue Mission

Book Release

Unique Gift Ideas: A Donation, A Gift, A Book

A Donation: Give a gift of a donation to the Topeka Rescue Mission in someone else’s name. They will receive a lovely gift card that they can hang on their tree and you will be assisting those in need that come through the doors of The Topeka Rescue Mission. Mail your gift and request to…read the rest

Feedback for “In Darkness, a Light Still Shines”


A young man planned on giving his friend a ride home from work on a cold December evening but was unable to enter the parking lot. It was a crime scene. He could not reach his friend by cell phone and was worried about his safety. Later he found that the friend was safe but…read the rest

What a Few Readers are Saying About “In Darkness, A Light Still Shines”

 “Two sisters with different lives and many miles separating them did not feel they had much in common. Both received ‘In Darkness, a Light Still Shines’ for Christmas. After reading the first couple stories one sister called the other to see if she had started reading yet. It was quite a surprise to both to…read the rest

“In Darkness, A Light Still Shines” – Generates Reader Feedback

“I received your book as a Christmas gift. It has blessed and encouraged me in so many ways. I so appreciate your honest account of your own struggles and what God has taught you through them. It gives me hope and encouragement in my own struggles.” “I simply don’t know how to put in words…read the rest

Book Release & Sales

We are excited to announce that “In Darkness, a Light Still Shines” is now available! It is no secret that hopelessness and despair have emerged in our world to a staggering degree. Broken relationships, financial uncertainties, and seemingly impossible situations are plaguing multitudes tempting them to give up on life. This book is an attempt…read the rest

TRM Announces Book Release

In Darkness, a Light Still Shines - Book Cover

Topeka Rescue Mission announces the release of the book, “In Darkness, a Light Still Shines”, written by Barry F. Feaker, with Tami R. Feaker and Jessica Hosman. The book may be purchased by going to the following link: All Proceeds Support  the Topeka Rescue Mission